The scenarios outlined above are based on certain assumptions. The primary assumption being that every child who applies for the state scholarship receives the $10,000 scholarship. Though this is not guaranteed, past experience indicates that the child will receive all or a portion of the scholarship available. If the state does provide the initial $10,000 but additional funds are still needed then an additional third party application (FAST) must be filled out to determine further eligibility.

No goods or services are received by the donor in exchange for contributions received.
All contributions are accepted by Hidden Treasure Christian School without tangible benefits to the donor.

Financial Information

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is approximately $20,100. This figure is arrived at by taking the total of

the anticipated expenses and dividing them by the number of students anticipated to enroll in the current year.

While this is the approximate overall cost of tuition, the actual tuition assessed to each family differs

depending upon the family’s specific situation.  The chart below outlines possible tuition scenarios.

Individual tuition rates cannot be quoted until certain steps are completed and certain applications are filled
out and submitted to the appropriate organizations.

To find out what these steps are and what applications need to be filled out, please contact the school office at
864.235.6848 or